Revolutionizing Facility Management: OTSAW takes their facility management solutions to the next level by expanding their cleaning ecosystem through the introduction of Rosie, an AI-Powered Robot Vacuum by Tailos


Singapore, 28th August 2023 – OTSAW, a global robotics company headquartered in Singapore has expanded its cleaning ecosystem by introducing Rosie, a cutting-edge AI-powered robot vacuum developed by Tailos. With this strategic partnership, OTSAW has set a new standard for facility management solutions and has demonstrated its dedication to providing clients with a comprehensive suite of innovative robotic technologies.

This partnership allows Tailos to bring its bestselling commercial robot vacuum into the Asian market, by leaning on the distribution prowess and world class service center of OTSAW, enriched by nearly a decade of global expertise in robotics.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Tailos.” said Ling Ting Ming, CEO at OTSAW. “In line with OTSAW’s vision, our aim is to disrupt facility management. Think about it – every building demands various services such as cleaning, security, and logistics. Our forward-looking strategy employs autonomous robots to address this range of demands. Rosie is capable of seamlessly integrating with our existing cleaning ecosystem, enhancing our facility management capabilities even further.”

“We love the energy and enthusiasm the OTSAW team has for the robotics industry.” said Micah Green, Founder and CEO of Tailos. “This will be a great partnership between our two companies as we bring Rosie, our AI-Powered Robot Vacuum, to the Asian market.”

Operating across three global offices, OTSAW boasts a worldwide customer base. In the dynamic Asian market, they serve clients hailing from diverse states, reflecting their extensive international footprint.

OTSAW also exhibits a trio of UV-C LED Disinfection Solutions: O-RX, TREX and AirGuard forming a robust cleaning ecosystem. The introduction of Rosie, an AI-Powered Robot Vacuum, will see four remarkable cleaning solutions harmonize in operation across Asia Pacific.

The Rosie, AI-Powered Robot Vacuum will be available for purchase starting from 28th August 2023. Speak to us at [email protected] to find out more.

This Press Release has also been published on VRITIMES

As a home-grown robotics company, OTSAW is committed to accelerating the progression of technology, empowering businesses, transforming the world and forging a path for the inevitable digital future. We deliver facility management solutions to clients across the globe with diverse teams based in Singapore, Europe and the United States. OTSAW crafts customized robotic solutions for the security, logistics, and cleaning industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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