Digital Marketing Naikreatif Freelance Academy Hadir Bagi Indonesia 17 Agustus 2023

Digital Marketing Naikreatif Freelance Academy

Jakarta 17 August 2023 – Welcoming the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia 2023, Naikreatif launched Naik Freelance Academy (NFA). This launch was carried out by activating a landing page that could be accessed by the public by visiting

The presence of NFA in the midst of Indonesian society is an effort to support the government’s movement “Excellent Indonesia for Advanced Indonesia”. Naikreatif believes the meaning of the word “Excellent” lies in superior Humans (Labor), so that they can contribute to turning the wheels of the Indonesian business economy.

“We need to look to the future, Indonesia will continue to progress, business will continue to progress, they need a workforce with international competence to support their business progress, especially in areas that are very important and needed by businesses today and in the future, namely Digital Marketing Expertise. ”. Said Yunus Halim Tjhin (YHT), Founder and CEO of PT Naik Kreatif International.

Rikareatif, which was started in 2015 by YHT, consistently expresses its passion in the field of Education. Its digital footprint can be seen in several offline and online activities such as Education Seminars and Digital Marketing Workshops, Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding for the community, Universities, Agencies, Business, Corporate and individuals.


With this consistency, YHT has received a very valuable opportunity through his contribution as a speaker at the “Millennial Class Up Week 5-7 April 2022”. The event was opened by President Joko Widodo and SOE Minister Erick Thohir with the theme “Strategy Utilizing Digital Marketing”. up to corporates, artists, athletes, community leaders, content creators, celebrities and many more. Almost all businesses today are required to have an ‘Online Presence’ and an ‘Online Reputation’ which need to be strengthened to capture the attention of potential customers every month,” said YHT.

In facilitating the financing of education/training skills in the field of digital marketing, NFA is working with Hartanah Group through The 100 Club Indonesia, which not only facilitates financing with the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) system, but CEO of Hartanah Group Johny Gunawan will also open opportunities for distribution of manpower for “NFA Academicians”

80% of the learning method that will be carried out by NFA is in the form of e-course videos managed in the Learning Management System, all learning is done online. This learning method was chosen with the aim that NFA can provide opportunities for boys and girls throughout Indonesia who have dreams of being competent and able to work for international brands. And 20% online video meeting for discussion in the form of mentoring.

The advantages of this NFA Digital Marketing class are 30% theory, 70% practice, internship with case studies for real clients, practice and real work results, 4K coaching (Competence, Character, Compatibility/Chemistry, Communication), personal branding practice, learning entrepreneurship, portfolio creation simulation, CV and what is no less interesting is learning “Financial Management and Management by Wealth Coach Johny Gunawan”. YHT’s hope for academic participants is that they have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, they can work from anywhere and anywhere, both in Indonesia and abroad. Indonesian sons and daughters who are superior and advanced for a more advanced Indonesia.


This Press Release has also been published on  VRITIMES

About Creative Rise
RISE KREATIF is a Digital Branding Asset Agency for Businesses. Naik comes from two words “Good Name” which means “Good Reputation”. Our Mission is to communicate to the world about the quality of your Business (Products / Services / Personal Branding) through the Digital Marketing Roadmap. We’ve served more than 200+ Clients and still counting since 2015

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